We are a carefully crafted team that generates business value
through an effective and creative use of thought and technology.

How are we different?

We are always innovating. This means something very different to a Fortune 500 than it does to a Startup, or Mid-Size Company. Whether it’s building APIs, moving data, automating a process, retiring a legacy system, or creating a brand-new product…we’ve got you covered! We hire people who go above and beyond on every initiative. We are a group of unique individuals who work together to provide thought and quality in everything we do.

We Partner

We are not interested in adding your logo to the clients’ section of our website like a notch on our belt. We take great care to ensure that you are ultimately served, rather than our own internal goals or bottom line.

We are Creative

We approach each problem with creative minds, yet have the discipline to stay within program bounds with an eye the future. We make sure we understand what you are trying to accomplish, and then apply the best solution.

We Deliver

We do not try to boil the ocean, and believe in execution not idle words. We build lean. We spend time delivering quickly and incrementally. We give you exactly what you needed. On time. On budget.

We Have Process

We are extremely efficient when it comes to writing, compiling, and deploying code. We have created a sophisticated continuous integration process, that sets us apart from other firms, and enables us to be highly efficient.

We Produce Value

The heroics of individuals will only take you so far. We rely on deeply engrained processes and methodologies to produce high quality solutions again and again. In business and technology, predictability is appreciated.

We Operate Like a Factory

We are human, but believe in a methodical approach when we are manufacturing value for your business.

Core Services


We work to understand what success looks like for you, and then we use concepts, wireframes, user interface (UI) design, and prototypes to turn ideas into functional experiences.


We design and build internal and public facing web applications that provide the functionality you need. We pay attention to the consuming device and browser, so that we may provide the best experience possible.


We bring an effective approach to your customer facing, revenue generating systems (POS + eCommerce) and then work with you to create great experiences for you customers and customer facing employees.


We are well versed in system integrations (3rd Party, ERP, Custom development) and can work with you to draw and implement the right boxes and arrows. In addition, we have created many APIs that provide meaningful endpoints to efficient move your data and connect your applications and users.


We are experts in database design, implementation, reporting, and integration. We are equally skilled in SQL and NOSQL databases. We finds the best ways to efficiently execute CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations to obtain superior overall performance.


We host applications and databases for our customers, and can help you automate processes, using cutting-edge technology to adhere to your business practices. By working in an agile environment, we can be flexible with your project, providing components and pieces when you need them.


We find the problem within the problem and work with you to provide simple solutions to solving a process or business gap.


We have deep experience in implementing content management systems (CMS) that fit your needs. We are keen to provide you the tools and patterns that enable you to enter your content once, and have it display in many different places (website, phone app, portals, etc.).


We are designing and building some really cool devices that have been applied in many different industries to sense, measure, indicate, and share points and streams of information.

Additional Services


We work with you to create an identity that expresses your company’s unique personality. We then implement and express this identity throughout your corporate materials.


We reinforce and solidify your brand with custom designed business collateral. We arm you with the tools that have a powerful impact on your clients and customers. This in turn, strengthens your brand and brand loyalty.


We create illustrations & infographics to visually represent complex information and processes. The results are beautiful, informative graphics that your clients and customers love, rather than boring bulleted lists or bland bar graphs.


We use photos and videos to create powerful and emotional interactions. We can help you create a library from scratch or help you choose from other sources to give you the most impactful implementation.


We work with you to create effective and engaging presentations that deliver your message, capture your audience’s attention and set you apart from everyone else.

Meet the Team

Brandon Vogt
General Manager

Brandon is a builder. He builds relationships, teams, companies, and solutions to solve real world problems. Technology is a tool that he has wielded throughout his career, but people and process have always been the key ingredients to any success he has achieved. He has played all roles in the solution development stack, and has the unique ability to harness the talents of others to build effectively within aggressive time frames.

Andrew Burr
Head of Operations

Andrew is an entrepreneurial information security and technology professional with repeated success establishing, integrating, and managing information security and technology programs within complex Fortune 500 and start-up environments. He helps us focus on positioning information security and technology as an enabling, transparent and integrated factor in the organization.

Samantha Griego

Sam is a Colorado Native that has an extensive background in the arts, including a degree from the Art Institute of Colorado. She is key contributor to our multimedia and design process, and creates many of the assets that we use in final delivery (illustrations, photos, videos, copy, etc). She's also educated and skilled in Google Tracking.

Matt Ross

Matt is a full stack developer, and loves using React, Node, and Mongo to create solutions for our customers. Matt joined us after graduating from the University of Washington and is a leader on our team. During his spare time, you will find him snowboarding, riding motorcycles, or enjoying the outdoors.

Matej Janovčík

Running operations from Europe, Matej has a decade of experience with service design and web applications development. His skills combine user experience, design and development - all with an understanding of business requirements. Since joining SmartSource Matej has focused primarily on front-end development. Running several other side projects he has no spare time.

Samol Seng

Samol is a full stack developer, and is especially strong on data and integration projects. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts - he helps us stay hands on with our manufacturing clients on the East Coast. Samol enjoys spending time with his family, and solving real business and manufacturing problems with simple and elegant solutions.

Alex Strebeck

Alex joined our R&D team in early 2018 after graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works with Rich to design, build and/or integrate many of the devices we use in our IoT practice. It's amazing to see him whip out his trigonometry skills to solve complex problems, and then quickly pivot over to the Python and Big Data world.